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  5. Transcend Information 64GB SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive TS64GSSD340
Transcend Information 64GB SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive TS64GSSD340

Transcend Information 64GB SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive TS64GSSD340

Sku: TS64GSSD340

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  • SATA III 6Gb/s Interface

  • DDR3 DRAM cache

  • TRIM Command support

  • Ultra-slim 7mm form factor

  • Supports S.M.A.R.T.

  • Built-in ECC protection for long data retention

  • Intelligent Block Management and Wear Leveling

  • Supports Native Command Queuing and Intelligent "Recycling" for advance free space management (Garbage Collection)


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Product Description

Capacity: 64 GB


Transcend SSD340
Transcend SSD340

Transcend SATA III SSD340

Fast Performance for All Your Computing Needs

Aimed at users looking to upgrade to the superior performance of solid-state technology at a competitive price, Transcend’s SSD340 with SATA III 6 GB/s technology makes sluggish computer boot-up and program launches a problem of the past. Boasting impressive transfer rates and excellent reliability, the SSD340 allows computer enthusiasts and gamers to take their system to the next level.

The SSD340 is ideal for users who use their computer primarily for everyday applications like internet browsing, basic computing, playing music or watching films. To fulfill the diverse needs to different users, the SSD340 is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux based systems. The 256 GB* SSD340 acts as the perfect system partition (for installing your operating system).

SSD technology offers other advantages over traditional spinning hard drives. Since there are no moving parts in the SSD340, it is highly shock and vibration resistant. Consequently, less power is consumed versus a traditional hard drive increasing the energy efficiency of your devices when used in concert with a SATA III SSD.

*1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Displayed in the OS as 0.93 GB becauase 1,000,000,000 Bytes/1024/1024/1024= 0.93 GB. Some capacity (1-3%) is inter alia reserved for firmware and is not available for use as available space.

Transcend SSD340
Rapid Data Transmission

Transcend’s SSD340 offers impressive transfer rates of up to 520 MB/s sequential read and up to 290 MB/s write speeds and up to 69,000 IOPS 4K random write speeds. Even large amounts of data can now be transferred in a matter of seconds.

Transcend SSD340
Supports DevSleep Mode

The SSD340 maximizes notebook battery life when not in use thanks to full support of SATA Device Sleep Mode (DevSleep). DevSleep ultra low power state conserves more battery power than current power saving features such as standby mode by shutting down the SATA interface completely. And with a remarkable response time of less than 20 milliseconds, you can start working on your computer again almost instantly.

Transcend SSD340
Improved Boot-Up and System Response Time

Transcend’s SSD720 optimizes your PC to reach top speeds and reduces system response time. Reboot your PC in just 24 seconds, reducing wait times by 60%. In comparison, to boot Windows 7 from a conventional hard drives takes about 82 seconds. When using the SSD720, files and programs, even memory-intensive applications like graphics programs, open in merely a few seconds.

Transcend SSD340
Performance Upgrade

Transcend's SSD340 is built using high-quality synchronous multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory for enduring performance and features the next-generation SATA III 6Gb/s interface, DDR3 DRAM cache, and a powerful controller. As a result, the SSD340 makes everyday computing tasks, such as booting up your computer, launching applications, and transferring data, quicker than ever before.

Transcend SSD340
Exceptionally Slim

To meet the size requirements of new generation Ultrabooks, the SSD340 is 7 mm thick, compared to 9.5 mm thickness of other SSDs. Using an industry-standard 2.5” form factor and super-slim body, the SSD340 can be easily installed into any device.


Advantages of Solid State Technology vs. Traditional HDD

Transcend SSD340

Shock Resistant

Unlike traditional hard drives, SSDs are manufactured with reliable NAND flash memory. As SSDs contain no moving parts, they are more resilient to mechanical failures that can result from vibration, shock or heat.


Transcend SSD340

Notably Silent

Operation of an SSD is remarkably silent as there are no moving or rotating parts.


Transcend SSD340


Traditional HDDs can considerably heat up during operation. A SSD, however, remains cool. Due to reduced heat development, annoying buzzing sounds originating from the SSD are rare.


Transcend SSD340

Energy Efficiency

SSDs are extremely energy efficient compared to a HDD. Save energy, money and the environment.


Transcend SSD340

Extended Battery Life

When used in a portable device, the SSD’s positive attributes like an increased battery life and light weight become particularly apparent.



SSD Scope Software

Key features of the SSD Scope Software include:

Transcend SSD340

Free Download

From Transcend’s website, you can download the SSD Scope software for your SSD340 free of charge. The software allows you to optimize your SSD’s performance by enabling firmware updates, counteracts wear and provides preventative maintenance.


Transcend SSD340

S.M.A.R.T Function

S.M.A.R.T. is a tool to monitor and analyze the health of the SSD. The S.M.A.R.T. functions relay information such as temperature and erase count to detect possible errors or failures before they occur.


Transcend SSD340

TRIM Command

For Windows 7, TRIM command releases allocated memory by deleting unnecessary data. By communicating with the operating system, TRIM automatically removes deleted data permanently, eliminating the need to secure erase all data on the drive. Consequently, the optimum write speed of your SSD is maintained, and the lifetime is maximized. For operating systems which do not support the TRIM command, SSD 340 will utilize its garbage collection to manage free space. In addition, wear-leveling and ECC error correction is integrated to ensure reliable data transfers.


Transcend SSD340

Secure Erase

Used as a method to combat performance degradation, Secure Erase guarantees the reliable, permanent removal of all data on the drive to continue peak performance over time. You can choose between “Quick Erase” (Quick Deletion) or “Full Erase” (Thorough Delete).


Transcend SSD340

System Clone

System Clone helps you transfer your over to the SSD340. This function easily and safely creates a clone of your existing hard drive then transfers it to your new SSD. Nothing else needs to be installed nor are there additional steps to be taken afterwards. Upgrading to a SSD is a breeze. Your same device is now lightning fast.


Transcend SSD340

Firmware Updates

To keep your SSD up-to-date, compare and download the latest firmware update from the SSD Scope menu. Completed in three easy steps, firmware updates allow you to take full advantage of all the SSD Scope functions. The latest firmware ensures your SSD is always at optimum performance and recommended for continued reliable operation.



Transcend SSD340
Mounting Kit Included for Desktop PCs

Included with the SSD340 is a 3.5" mounting kit, consisting of a bay adapter and eight mounting screws. Once attached to the chassis, you can use the 2.5" SSD340 in the standard 3.5" space.

Transcend SSD340
Compatible Operating Systems

Transcend SSD340 is compatible with all operating systems which support the AHCI mode and reaches maximum speed when using the SATA III 6GB/s interface.

SSD 340 is compatible with:

  • Windows 7,8 / Vista / XP
  • Linux Kernel from 2.6.39

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